Papier de cuisson / Baking Paper sheet (2015)

The second life of used baking paper sheets from a restaurant kitchen.
Special thanks to Sunspace kitchen and its chefs.

Treize / thirteen (2012)

My grandmother Jacqueline used to live in Marseille, in Southern France. During the war, she fled her native Alsace with her family to settle in this city. A recurring story was that after eating one egg and one tomato as a lunch, she bathed in the Mediterranean sea. She loved to swim the sidestroke and see the coast scrolling under her eyes. «I was good there.» She thought the sea fed her because she was not hungry.

In 2012, I went to Marseille for the first time as a resident artist for My Provence festival. Here is my vision of this city, shaped this family story. I realized afterwards that this project is not about Marseille itself but more about finding my images in this particular place, which is synonym of freedom and peace in my mind.

Woman (2012)