Interviews de retoucheurs / Interview of digital retouchers

Dans le cadre de l'exposition "La Retoucherie", nous sommes allées à la rencontre de cinq retoucheurs numériques. Nous leurs avons posé des questions sur leur métier, des débuts de Photoshop à l'avenir de la post-production en passant par le degré de création artistique dans la retouche.

00:00 : Emmanuelle Dorat, les débuts de Photoshop
03:44 : Viviane Korkmaz, la place du retoucheur dans la chaîne graphique
07:00 : Yann Philippe, être retoucheur et ne pas habiter à Paris
11:32 : Flora Lécluse, le degré de création artistique dans la retouche
15:26 : Adrien Blanchat, l’avenir de la post-production de l’image

Un, deux, trois, quatre, cent / One, two, three, four, one hundred

A play between a boy and a girl.
With : Thomas Guené as the boy and Constance as the girl

Rien de spécial / Nothing special

Year N

Year N+1

Video project with Gabrielle, started in 2016. Each year we will create a dance video at the same place, under a bridge on Chevaleret street in Paris. We started in august 2016, just for fun. This summer day was very hot so we decided to film in the shade to avoid the sun. The soundtrack comes from the street with its inhabitants, its workers, its changes.

Year N : first year. inhabitants
Year N+1 : foodtruck. building demolished


“2015″ is a short-movie about my experience of December in summer, in Australia

J’ai pas de bande-son / I have no soundtrack

In 2013, I went on vacation to Tunisia. There, I decided to use my camera in video mode. Back in France, watching these videos, I realized that the sound I had recorded was not exploitable, because of the noise of the wind on the microphone. Very quickly, I drew the parallel between this technical incident and my family history.

Shrimp life


An unexpected encounter between an hair dryer and some clouds.